Shawn Talbot Luxury Hotel Resort Photographer

The challenge Shawn Talbot loves the most is to take a hotel marketing director’s vision and make it a reality.

For over twenty years Shawn has been going to extremes to capture the perfect shot for his clients. He has won numerous international advertising awards and has been recognized for his exceptional work by National Geographic, the Globe and Mail, the Smithsonian Institute and Maclean’s Magazine. He is currently featured in a documentary series about his work entitled 1 Stop Closer.

Shawn chose to pursue eclectic photography and lighting training from numerous instructors at several universities; this is evidenced by the broad range of styles and techniques seen in his work.

Shawn spent a number of years working in the film industry as a director of photography on commercials, music videos and feature films while also freelancing as an advertising photographer. It was here that Shawn really honed his skills and talent for lighting.

Not only is Shawn an experienced drone pilot, capturing world-class photographs and video from a bird’s eye perspective, he is also a pilot of light aircraft. This marriage of piloting skills, accompanied by the composition skills of an experienced photographer, make for the perfect combination when capturing aerial imagery of luxury hotels and resorts.

Shawn has traveled to the furthest corners of the world photographing a wide variety of subjects (check out his ‘Travel’ gallery), and those experiences inspire the fresh perspective he brings to each project. His passion for his work and easy-going, friendly personality has turned many clients into lifelong business partners and friends.

A few clients:

Shawn Talbot Luxury Hotel and Resort Photography Clients